How I got to Facebook’s design team – UX Collective

From zero real world experience to designing for billions at one of the world’s renowned hi-tech companies in 5 years.

Typing that out, it sounds much better and more grandiose than it felt. In retrospect there were subtle and distinct phases, attitudes, and actions that naturally led from one to the next until I found myself at Facebook.

My intention with this article is to be as retrospective and honest as possible in an effort to light the way for anyone out there aspiring to take a similar path.

At the end of each stage I will add specific actions I took (or didn’t but should have taken) so that if you find yourself in that stage you know what you can begin doing to get to the next. Feel free to read all the way through or just skip to the Takeaway sections where the practical stuff is.

Author: Garron Engstrom

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