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How to learn Sketch in under an hour…

Starting out on Sketch can be difficult. Especially since there is so much content available to help you, it becomes difficult to find the most pertinent stuff. This post is for those who are starting out on Sketch and even for those who are avid users and are interested in some new tricks. My first Sketch project got me hooked and now I want to share the content and hacks I came across that sped up my workflow and made the switch from photoshop seamless. By utilising the content in the post and the quick overview of the features, I have no doubt you will understand Sketch better than the average beginner. Hey, there’s even a Facebook sized screen design treat at the end.

Sketch is an open-source design toolkit built to help you create your best work — from your earliest ideas, through to final artwork.

The keyword being open-sourced. Sketch has been built by designers for designers and is full of powerful plug ins that have been built from a community of developers to put it a cut above the rest. Being open sourced makes this software even more powerful in the hands of our great design community.

If you are still on the fence about Sketch I highly advise you to do some external reading and research. There is so much content available and some pretty powerful opinions from industry professionals. Throughout this blog post I will be providing the best material that got me inspired and ready to use Sketch. Here is the post that made the difference. This post dives into the hesitations of moving from Photoshop to Sketch, all whilst exploring the main stand out features. I highly advise the read.

Author: Jack Strachan

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