Google is Getting Up To Speed With Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is Google’s answer to Facebook’s Instant Articles. There is a sudden race to bring responsive content, in the most scalable manner, as quickly as possible to mobile. Publishers, developers, and now Google are jumping on board the quick-to-mobile bandwagon. With AMP, pages are set to load much faster than existing mobile web pages. According to Google’s blog, speed and user experience is the main focus behind launching AMP.

“We hope the open nature of Accelerated Mobile Pages will protect the free flow of information by ensuring the mobile web works better and faster for everyone, everywhere.”

David Besbris, Vice President Engineering, Search

The AMP Project is open source and more than 4K developers are taking part in the discussion on GitHub, and encourages other to take part as over 250 pull requests have been submitted in the forms of new code, samples, and documentation.
Google is set to begin implementing AMP into mobile search beginning 2016.

Author: Paulina Vargas

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