Giving Users a Sense of Expertise from the Start, According to Snowboarding

The onboarding process is an excellent opportunity for your users to learn…

Many platforms believe that they have cracked the code to onboarding by offering the quickest and easiest experience for their users with paradigms such as the social sign-up model, which utilizes the user’s existing accounts on sites like Twitter and Facebook to auto-fill personal information their account. This model was born from the idea that new users need to start interacting with a product as soon as possible after they’ve made the decisison to use (or at least try) the product.

The onboarding process should be treated as a part of the product and not a bothersome precursor to the product itself.

This is especially true in the cases in which the user and an application must enter a symbiotic relationship, where the app relies on content from the user while the user relies on content from the app (e.g. InVision, Tableau Online), fast-acting onboarding jumps over several important aspects of a good onboarding process:

  1. The user isn’t investing in the product when all of the onboarding work is done for them
  2. Land-speed record breaking product onboarding times have shown to result in low perceived value and trust in the product itself
  3. Users should have similar levels of proficiency using the product from the beginning

Author: Addison Price

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