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I’ve had a short time to design and prototype in Adobe’s new Experience Design app, the fruit of Project Comet. While Experience Design (Xd for short) has a lot of potential, it’s missing a great deal of features available in other prototyping apps such as Flinto or even Keynote. For Xd to succeed they need to include a lot more in version 1, and do this quickly.

The preview app is divided into two modes: Design and Prototype. Each has strengths and weaknesses. But overall, Xd needs a lot more features to make it fully useful. The only good feature so far is that it’s free with your Creative cloud membership.

What follows is my first impression with Xd and it’s a bit of a ramble as I went from one tool to another. I fully recognise that Xd is a Preview app and may not be ready for primetime, however a little discussion about what we want as designers is probably helpful.

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