Finding My Way Through The Amazon –

A UX case study for Amazon’s iOS App


I use Amazon obsessively to research and buy all my products — I even considered myself a power user, up until I discovered a feature in the mobile app that I had never noticed before. This made me curious about how other customers were using certain features and inspired me to conduct a UX case study on Amazon’s iOS app.

Quick usability testing revealed several issues with key features in the app, so I designed solutions to solve those problems and validated them with additional usability tests.


  • Discover how people use the Amazon mobile app, specifically around searching and purchasing an item in a store
  • Find pain points in the user experience
  • Create solutions to solve those pain points

Why Amazon

Amazon is my go-to place for discovering, researching, and buying the majority of all my products. One thing I love is being able to use my favorite service on the go with the Amazon mobile app. Recently, while shopping for some products at a store, I discovered a feature on the mobile app that I didn’t even know existed — the scan feature. It is more powerful than your basic barcode scanner, as it can recognize shapes and objects and surface the exact item in the mobile app, or find something very similar to the item you were looking for.

Say whaaat?!

I was really excited to find this feature because it made product research and comparison an absolute breeze when shopping for products in stores.

I did wonder, however, why it had taken me so long to discover the feature in the first place. When had other users figured out the scan feature? Was it just hard to find? Was it possible that there were other features in the app that I wasn’t aware of?

How are other people using the Amazon mobile app, and what issues are they running into?

To get answers to these questions, I decided to take action and do some guerrilla usability testing on the user experience of Amazon’s app.

Author: Agnes Kim

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