Fifty Shades of Claps — A Case Study for ‘Clapping’ on Medium

Pros, cons, and proposed solutions

The title is not a clickbait. Here are the 50 shades of claps.

As many of you already know, Medium recently changed their react system. Instead of the old ‘recommend’ (the green heart icon), readers now can ‘clap’ up to fifty times for an article. In less than a month, there are many posts that talk about, either positively or negatively, seriously or sarcastically, about the new feature. As a designer, I was fascinated at how readers and writers reacted to this change. Thus, I put on my research- and design-hat and dug in. In this case study, I list out some of the pros and cons of ‘claps.’ In the end, I also brainstorm some potential solutions.

Author: Eric Yi

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