Facebook Discontinues Creative Labs Division

Facebook is no longer looking to support its internal startup Creative Labs. This division of Facebook was used as an experimental and creative approach to mobile software. A couple of the apps created made it to app stores, each with their own unique social sharing capabilities. Slingshot, featuring brief messaging and Riff, for sharing video stories both lost the competitive battle to Snapchat. There was also Rooms, a group IM app that also missed the mark. As of Monday all three apps have been removed from app stores.

Facebook is now applying their “Move fast and break things.” mantra towards other emerging areas of technology like AI, drones, and virtual-reality goggles. The Social network giant hopes to continues experimenting with apps and continue to adding features to Facebook.com and the mobile apps like 320-degree video capability.

Author: Paulina Vargas

Collect by: uxfree.com