Drupal is Now 15 Years Old

Drupal, the world’s second most popular Content Management System, recently completed 15 years of active development.

The first version of Drupal was released back in January 2000, and as such, it has completed over a decade and a half of development, and still continues to grow strong. 

While Drupal was once more popular than it is today, and it lost its crown to WordPress, it is still used by millions of websites and has earned a reputation for being a robust and stable piece of software for building your websites. In comparion to Drupal, WordPress is currently 12 years old, whereas the third player in the top CMS league, Joomla, is a decade old.

It is also noteworthy that Wikipedia was launched on the same day as Drupal. Back then, Facebook and Twitter were nowhere to be seen, and even basic features such as RSS were not popular. Drupal was one of the first software of its type to fully support RSS. Of course, among web browsers, Chrome, Firefox or Safari were yet to be born, and the internet was still being dominated by the likes of Internet Explorer and Opera.

Now that Drupal is trying to balance its target audience by focusing on the needs of both end users and enterprise users, it will be interesting to see how the future development roadmap of Drupal pans out. As more and more Content Management Systems focus on the integration of APIs for interacting with other services, Drupal too is adopting a similar path.

What do you think of Drupal as a CMS? Have you ever used it to build your websites? Share your views in the comments below!

Author: Sufyan bin Uzayr

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