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Designing for Virtual Reality: designers talking about their biggest challenges →

If designing two-dimensional interfaces already require so much work, knowledge and effort — what does it mean to design an entire new world that is able to augment our own? Andy Stone and Mike Alger are designers working on solving the puzzle that is considered the next frontier for our field.

Who will design for Virtual Reality?

Andy: As design moves away from screens into the real world, I think that most digital designers are woefully unprepared. The last few years have been spent focusing on the size of a viewport and how to design responsively for it. Now the viewport doesn’t exist, there are no edges, and the size of something is relative only to the real world. Design agencies and tech giants are going to start hiring environmental designers and architects to help design these systems as they understand navigation and way-finding within three dimensions.

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Author: Fabricio Teixeira

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