Designing for the Onboarding & Core User –

Mario Party minigame screen — allows the core user to start playing the minigame right away but also allows the onboarder to learn the rules and how to play

How to build your product balancing the needs of both user types

Acquiring new users and turning them into loyal customers is no easy feat. Within minutes, a user can sign up for an account / download your app and decide to become a loyal user or to never use your product again.

I recently did some design work for CourseCraft where I helped them figure out how to incorporate an onboarding experience for new users into their existing product without disrupting the workflow for the everyday/core users.

CourseCraft, created by one of my former colleagues, aims to help people create and sell their own online courses. Through data, they realized that many people had signed up for an account on CourseCraft but had not yet created a course. After analyzing the product and conducting user research, the creators of CourseCraft saw that there was an opportunity to improve the onboarding experience.

The needs of the onboarding user should be just as important as the needs of the core user. An onboarding user wants to understand what is going on, while a core user wants to use the product without any impediments.

So, how do we design for both user types?

Author: Alexa Kaminsky

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