Designing for AI — why & how –

Conversational UI’s, bots and “new frontiers of UX” are — rightfully — hyped these days and claimed as the next big thing, wiping apps of the map by merging advances within AI and design of conversational experiences. Let’s nuance that debate.

First, introductions: Hi there ?

Why on earth is my perspective relevant? Well, I’m a designer gone product manager at BotSupply, where we work with AI, computer vision, NLP, conversational interfaces and design on an everyday basis.

Phew. Formalities = done ?

So let’s talk about the fun stuff, shall we? Specifically, I would like to discuss why/if “design” is critical in developing AI products, and furthermore how we can (maybe) utilize it to not “only” build AI products, but actually design the right solutions and design the solutions right.

Before we proceed, I should warn you though. This is not a “how-to-be-ever-succesfull-with-chatbots-in-2mins” kind of post. So I begin with just a tiny bit of theoretical framing to make sure we’re on the same page ?

Author: Simon Morel

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