Designing a Ride Pass Experience for Ride Sharing Apps

The user journey of a Ride Pass

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I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about how his employer gives him a prepaid debit card that can be used with his Uber app, and is meant to pay for rides he takes to commute to and from his home. This got me thinking about other situations where one party wants to gift/subsidize rides for someone else. Some scenarios I thought of are:

  1. A hotel wants to provide complimentary airport pickup and drop-off to their guests
  2. An employer wants to pay for carpool-only rides for their employees to and from the workplace
  3. A recruiter wants to pay for a candidate’s ride to and from an on-site interview
  4. A transit agency wants to subsidize rides to train stations
  5. A conference wants to provide a $100 credit to attendees to get around town during the three days the conference is going on

To address these scenarios, I thought up the notion of a Ride Pass.

What is a Ride Pass?

A “Ride Pass” is something that can function as a mode of payment for a rider using a ride sharing app. However, instead of functioning as a regular credit card, a Ride Pass can have restrictions associated with it. For example, a hotel may provide a Ride Pass that would only work for airport pickups and drop-offs, and only work once in each direction.

There is more to the idea of a Ride Pass. Below I’ve gone into more detail about what the experience of using a Ride Pass can look and feel like. I’ve refrained from designing for any specific ride sharing app. However, the the mockups are inspired from Lyft and Uber.


An obvious question that would arise in any reader’s mind is: How is this better than just using a simple prepaid payment card? Why would someone (hotel, employer, recruiter, event host etc) send a Ride Pass rather than a prepaid payment card? And why would a ride sharing app build this feature?

To answer this, I need to first explain how a Ride Pass would work — that’s what comes below. At the end, I promise I will answer this question.

Author: Harshath J.R.

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