Designing a food delivery app for motorbike drivers — a UX case study

The following case study is part of a design challenge. I am not in any way affiliated to Grab or any other companies/individuals mentioned in this article. The design decisions and assumptions taken in this case study are solely based on publicly available information.

The Challenge

Imagine that Grab is introducing food delivery service in Philippines (like FoodPanda). You are tasked to design the driver app for motorbike drivers. Here is a rough outline of how the process is like:

  • Customer orders food delivery through the Grab app.
  • A job card is shown to the driver. Driver has to decide if he/she wants to take up the job. Note that the job card has to be flexible to show not just food delivery jobs, but also courier jobs like Courier Delivery.
  • Once driver accepts the job, he will have to go to the restaurant to pick up the food
  • After picking up the food, the driver will have to deliver the food to where the customer is.

Please describe your approach / problems / considerations / when you start designing the app.

Key Deliverables

  • A list of assumptions you have, and how you would validate the assumptions.
  • Wireframe of the end to end flow for the driver app. We expect microstates to be shown for flows that requires user interaction
  • Select a few key screens to showcase the visual design

Platform: Android Phone — 720 X 1280

Author: Tridip Thrizu

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