Designing a CSA food app in 3 days — a UX case study

Paola Ascanio

A couple of weeks back I was tasked with designing a digital solution for the food industry. Now here’s the catch: it had to be done in less than three days. If you are familiar with GV’s Design Sprint then you understand this is actually possible. I found this a great opportunity to document a step-by-step guide to designing an app in just 24 business hours. In this article I will break down my process and the design phases for each day.


Common Food is a farm that uses Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) to sell their vegetables and fruits. They sell shares of their farm that people pre-pay for at the beginning of the year. Each week during the growing season community members receive a box of food.


Design a digital experience that will help Common Food Farm sell its extra food each week to its shareholders. Help the shareholders find extra food considering their varying knowledge, interest and dietary constraints.

Author: Paola Ascanio

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