Designing a complex table for mobile consumption (nom)

When faced with overwhelming content, focusing on user behavior can help define the design approach.

She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid.

Enterprise applications are complex. They often contain large amounts of information from various sources, modules, and users. In order to present this wealth of information, these applications frequently make use of tables.

Well-designed data tables allow users to scan, compare, and analyze information to take action. However, creating a mobile-friendly version of a complex web-based table is a challenge. For this particular engagement, I helped a client in the property insurance space consolidate a critical workflow by mobilizing a very large data table for their consultants.

Context: This project was a Capriza engagement. Capriza’s technology mobilizes enterprise workflows. This is an example of such a project, mapping web-based controls to a mobile context.

Author: Joe Caron

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