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The component that symbolizes the web

Summary: The card component is a preview of more detailed content a user sees when actioned. It has become a symbol of our current digital paradigm. Elements include multimedia, text, links, graphs, and captions.

The card is a user interface component that acts as an entry point to more detailed information. Varying sources of information are pooled together and presented in a digestible way. It is a reflection of our current media environment.

The proliferation of varying screen dimensions and the launch of HTML5/CSS3 around the turn of the decade enabled the card to take shape. It was the perfect representative of the new web, where social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest launched into the mainstream. The web saw greater personalization, aggregation, and socialization than ever before. And the card was its container.

Cards accommodated fleeting micro-posts, serving singular thoughts, ideas, and most importantly pictures to an audience with a shorter attention span than a goldfish.

Photo by Bao Han on Unsplash

Author: Andrew Coyle

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