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Design Automation: an Interview with Matt Cooper-Wright from IDEO →

Matt Cooper-Wright is a Senior Design Lead at IDEO and author of “Welcoming bots to the team”, in which he describes how automation helped them collect meaningful data for research.

How did you pitch the idea of using bots for research internally? Was there a concern that designers might feel less empowered in the decisions?

Matt: Given that our tools were automating a task that would have basically been impossible (monitoring dozens of drivers completing thousands of journeys) there was no feeling that people were less empowered. The fact that technology unlocked an opportunity to observe things beyond a human scale made it easier to embrace automation technology as it helped to return things to a human scale.

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How to Avoid UX Burnout →

The steps leading up to launch had been intense, involving multiple stakeholders, scores of different user personas, and innumerable iteration cycles spread across a multitude of design teams. How to avoid burnout in this case?
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Author: Fabricio Teixeira

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