Competing on customer experience –

How the value proposition of design is changing

Today’s customers are more influential than ever, able to shift market demands and define a company’s success with the power of digital word-of-mouth. We’ve reached an era where design is a key competitive advantage in the consumer market. This is my attempt to give you some insight into preconditions that go into what I see as the next challenge for corporations around the globe to become (more) customer-centric.

Companies are faced with decreased brand loyalty and an increase in consumer power. This has compelled companies to rethink the way they do business, focussing on the user experience, exploring new ways to move towards customer-centricity.

As the value proposition of design is gaining more traction, questions are arising about how design fits into companies, and why, when and how it should play a role. ‘Design culture’ is in part the idea that design can become part of a company’s DNA and its modus operandi.

Author: Eva Nudea Horner

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