Chatbots round-up #5: the best bots of the month –

Chatbots keep trending — and at this point we’ve all heard of, thought about or even prototyped and launched a few. Here are some of the best chatbots experiences we found this month.

The idea of automating and scaling one-to-one conversations using technology appeals to lots of brands and services out there, and designers play an important role at defining how each conversation is scripted and the behaviors users can expect when interacting with bots.

Here at, we have written several articles on chatbots and conversational interfaces.

Because there are so many bots out there (and tons yet to come), our friends at ChatBottle have put together a pretty comprehensive repository of bots, organized by category and by channel in which they are available.

The list below highlights a curated sample of some of the most exciting bots we’ve seen this month:


Burberry has recently updated its Facebook Messenger bot. It’s one of the best examples of ecommerce chatbots in the market. The chatbot allows users to get detailed information about products, add them to cart, and subscribe to new collections. The bot also gives users updates on the Burberry Runway Show.

#e-commerce #burberry #payments #fashion #shopping

Burberry chatbot for Messenger


MyFonts chatbot for Facebook provides access to the world’s largest collection of fonts. The chatbot lets users browse through trending, newest, and best selling fonts. And here’s the magic trick: take a photo with your phone, and MyFonts will identify which font is being used on the item you photographed.

#fonts #e-commerce #myfonts #utility#uxdesign #productivity

MyFonts for Facebook Messenger

Frankfurt Airport Chatbot

Frankfurt, in Germany, is probably the first city in the world to launch its own airport chatbot. FRAnky helps airport visitors to track flights, receive real-time gate updates, search restaurants, shops and the other amenities in the Frankfurt International Airport.

#travel #airport #flights #germany #transportation

Frankfurt Airport Chatbot Facebook Messenger

Ada Apartments Search

Visiting Poland and looking for an apartment? This bot helps users search for places to stay during their vacations. Really solid real estate chatbot.

#real-estate #poland #apartments #search

Ada Apartments Search Bot Facebook Messenger

GrowthBot for Facebook Messenger

GrowthBot is a chatbot for marketing and sales professionals — or anyone that’s working on growing a business (like startup folks). GrowthBot connects to a variety of marketing systems (like HubSpot, Google Analytics and others) and gives you quick, easy access to information about growth marketing. Check out the screenshot below for a few examples of what it can do.

#productivity #business #analytics #utility

GrowthBot Facebook Messenger

Record Bird Bot for Facebook

Record Bird chatbot can tell you about new music releases by your favourite artists — before they even happen. It can also send reminders whenever your artists drop new song. You can also always ask the bot things like “What’s new in hip hop” or “anything new by Kendrick Lamar” and it will get your eyes and ears on some new tunes.

#music #entertainment #e-commerce #recordbird

Record Bird Bot Facebook Messenger

Hope you enjoy the list. We’ll keep sharing these bot gems as we find them.

Author: Fabricio Teixeira

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