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How UX fits within a feature team

September 8th, 1964 a man by the name of Jose O. Padrón formed a company some of you may know today as Padrón. It was a small, cigar outfit (some would say startup) with dreams to create quality, hand-crafted cigars in a “Cuban-exile,” Miami market.

He started small with one tobacco roller producing 200 cigars a day. 
As limited as they were, he and his team always focused on bringing value to their customers. From its start, each seed to cigar was carefully planned — even testing the tobacco throughout the process for market viability. 
They worked together throughout each phase of the cigars’ development to ensure a level of quality their competitors couldn’t match.

Akin to design, great products aren’t created in isolation. They are built and delivered together from idea to final product — and with the Scaled Agile framework (SAFe), large organizations are able to deliver the highest value to their customers, just like Padrón.

Author: Evan Ames

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