Build a Flat-File Website with Grav CMS

Most PHP CMS’ on the market run a traditional database engine – commonly MySQL. But in recent years PHP developers have been mixing it up to move around towards different paths, one of which is a flat file database system.

Grav CMS is one such example. Grav is completely open source and runs on top of PHP. It uses a variety of great technologies like:

  • Twig Templating: for powerful control of the user interface
  • Markdown: for easy content creation
  • YAML: for simple configuration
  • Parsedown: for fast Markdown and Mardown Extra support
  • Doctrine Cache: layer for performance
  • Pimple Dependency Injection Container: for extensibility and maintainability
  • Symfony Event Dispacher: for plugin event handling
  • Symfony Console: for CLI interface
  • Gregwar Image Library: for dynamic image manipulation

If you already know a lot about PHP then Grav could be worth learning. It’s one of the more exotic choices, but it’s also frequently updated with careful attention to detail.

Visit the Grav GitHub repo to find install documentation & learn more about the system.

You can also learn a lot from the Grav features page and the online Grav learning center.

While currently on version 0.9, Grav is one of the more stable and interesting PHP CMS’ on the market. If you’re curious then download a copy and test it out whenever you have some time.

Interested users can also check out the Grav GitHub page or follow the official Twitter account @getgrav.

Author: Jake Rocheleau

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