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How do we translate user feedback to our design?

I love traveling and exploring the world. When it comes to accommodation booking, I normally use Airbnb for local home stays and for cheap hostels. If you ask my experience of using their platforms, I would say……

Airbnb vs.

“ Airbnb is like going to an old friend’s house. We chat about our childhood funny stories and exciting things happening in life while having a nice cup of tea.”

“, on the other hand, is like being invited to a big birthday party. I struggle my way through random strangers while suffering from extremely loud music. ”

The challenge

As a wanderlust and UX designer, I decided to challenge myself by redefining the user experience of landing page.

My Design Process:

  1. Analyze current information architecture (IA)
  2. Interview 5 users & Card sorting
  3. Redesign user flow and IA
  4. Create responsive wireframes and UI

Current Information Architecture

Information Architecture (IA) is the way of arranging content in your app or website. The reason why your users are confused or overwhelmed (most of the time) is not because of the visual design but the disorganized Information.

To better understand the current IA of’s landing page, I mapped out their current content and colour coded the related sections.

Author: Renee Lin

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