Background Music is Still A Thing on Hospitality Websites

We are going way back to when background music was a popular thing that plagued the internet, even before Myspace profiles pages blasted theme music. Even though it reflected “personality” and set a scene, background music was considered more of a nuisance. Mostly because it was really inconvenient to have music unexpectedly blasting out of your computer speakers in a quiet environment like a meeting, or class session. Not surprisingly, like most bad trends in early 2000’s web design, it faded away.

Surprisingly, this is still a thing! Only in the Hospitality industry do you hear background music accompanying a design. Below are some examples. Though the design is pretty great on some of these, we are surprised at the use of background music. However, we do appreciate the auto mute on some of them. A great solution for the modern website.

Le Burgundy

Diamond Hotel

c/o Hotels

Soho Restaurant

Ritz Paris

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Author: Paulina Vargas

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