Arabetics Harfi Font Family

Arabetics Harfi Font Family

Arabetics Harfi is a Latin Serif typeface with a comprehensive support for the Arabetic scripts, including Quranic texts. Careful spacing and kerning was used to enhance resulting text legibility both scripts. Arabetics Harfi fully supports MS 1252 Western and 1256 Arabic code pages, in addition to all transliteration characters required by the ALA-LC Romanization tables. Users can either select an accented character directly or form it by keying the desired combining diacritic mark following an unaccented character. For Arabic, it fully supports Unicode 6.1, and the latest Arabic Supplement and Extended-A Unicode blocks. The Arabic design of this font family follows the Mutamathil Taqlidi type style with connected glyphs, but it emphasizes a horizontal look and feel rather than verticalone, utilizing slightly varying x-heights. The Mutamathil Taqlidi type style uses one glyph per every basic Arabic Unicode character or letter, as defined by the Unicode Standards, and one additional final form glyph, for each freely-connecting letter of the Arabic cursive text. Arabetics Harfi includes the required Lam-Alif ligatures in addition to all vowel diacritic ligatures. Soft-vowel diacritic marks (harakat) are selectively positioned with most of them appearing on similar high and low levels—top left corner—, to clearly distinguish them from the letters. Tatweel is a zero-width glyph. Arabetics Harfi includes both Arabic and Arabic-Indic numerals, in addition to generous number of punctuation and mathematical symbols. It includes two weights, regular and bold, each of which has normal, right slanted Italic, and left-slanted styles.

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