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Moving Airbnb Closer Towards Being an End-to-End Traveling Experience Provider

I am an avid fan of, what we call these days, “traveling like a local” and I love designing to connect people with things and people they care about. For these reasons, Airbnb has always been one of my favorite brands.

Last year, Airbnb introduced Trips, which moved them closer towards being an end-to-end travel experience provider. With experiences hosted and recommended by the locals, we can now not only rent their homes, but also “live” like them. Since the launch, I have been enjoying browsing through the carefully curated selections of experiences around the world.

My forever long-for trip to Tokyo this August will be my first time trying out Trips. As I was researching for places to visit, I came to realize that for people who plan their own trips, coming up with an itinerary plays an important role in their traveling experiences: it connects people to their traveling experiences and enhances the sense of belonging.

Coming up with an itinerary connects people to their traveling experiences and enhances the sense of belonging

I thought “How awesome would it be if I can structure my whole itinerary on Airbnb?” This marked the beginning of a week long design sprint.

This case study offers potential ideas to help users craft their own definition of belonging through closing gaps in the current trip-planning experience and better connect users to Airbnb’s local gems. My process was mainly iterating and prototyping by night and testing by day (at the office and on my way home) for a week.

Author: Mind Apivessa

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