Adventures with Alexa: bad dates and sour grapes – UX Collective

Photo by Andres Urena on Unsplash

What must one do today, to be suitably engaged? I wondered.

Why did so many interactions not go beyond the ‘first date’? Why did we lose at-traction after a week or two?

Oh, you just need to find the one that really speaks to you! You’ll be spoken for in no time! they’d say.

And yet, I would find myself swiping left to my devices, searching for those magical (mythical) experiences that keep you going back for more.

I want to share fictional stories of frictional interactions in the hope that I can start a (hopefully meaningful and engaging) conversation about designing meaningful and engaging conversations and experiences.

I use the analogy of ‘bad first dates’ and ‘failed engagements’ to highlight with examples the common pitfalls while designing good voice experiences that people enjoy and come back to. I hope these fun stories give you a new way to evaluate your skill/action experience.

Author: Neha Javalagi

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