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Adobe launches Experience Design CC, a new tool for UX designers →

Adobe today launched the first public preview of its new Experience Design CC tool, which was previously known as Project Comet.

Experience Design CC is the company’s first tool that is purpose-built for user experience (UX) designers. It takes what Adobe has learned from working with UX designers who currently use its tools like Illustrator, Photoshop and others and distills it into a single product that aims to make designers more productive.

As Andrew Shorten, Adobe’s director of product management for Experience Design CC, told me, the company started this project about 18 months ago. “We began to see challenges with combining established tools like Photoshop,” he said, and noted how the company’s research found lots of gaps in the standard workflow for UX designers.

Specifically, the fact that they often had to use multiple tools that didn’t necessarily talk to each other meant that every time designers wanted to change something in their mockups, they had to go back and change it manually (and maybe numerous times to account for different screen sizes).

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