A list of must-dos for your first days on the job as a UX designer

Yay! You just landed your next gig. Permanent or temporary contract, in-house or freelance, doesn’t matter. There are a bunch of boxes to tick. As always, this list is non-exhaustive. But here are the main things that you cannot leave behind when you start off as a fresh UX recruit.

Meet your team, your boss and the stakeholders

Get to spend 5/10 mins with each and every colleague in the team and every stakeholder (yes, they’re actually the enlarged team).

Ask them about their jobs and introduce yourself. Make this something informal but ask as many questions as necessary. Learn their names, position in the organisation.

Spend 30 minutes with your boss and your boss’s boss. Learn about your company’s culture. Learn about what’s been made in the past. Ask them about the team’s strategy, the product, etc.

You can’t include everyone and their mom in this. But try to meet and greet as many as you can. You won’t regret it.

Author: Ferney Nicolas

Collect by: uxfree.com