A framework for communicating (or designing) any project.

This image is vaguely relevant at best, but why not..

For those interview presentations, website portfolio projects, or just to improve your own process designing solutions..

As a product designer who’s interviewed others as well as viewed plenty of portfolios, I often see a common link missing when it comes to how projects are communicated. Arguably, this is the most important link — the link between the solution they’re showing, and the problem they were attempting to solve. If this thread is lost, the project falls apart. Not only in communicating the project to others after it’s done, but also in the design process as you move towards solutions.

I’m writing this out to give others an outline they can follow for communicating a UX project in an effort to give others a narrative they can follow whenever they are designing, or communication a project to others. You can think of each question as a slide deck in a presentation… This is arguably as important for Product Managers, but the lines of these roles often blur. Both need to be able to communicate (and persuade) to someone why something is worth doing.

Some things here will be more relevant to the individual trying to communicate a project (website, presentation, interview, etc), but it should have some value for your design process as well. If you start every project with these and continually assess them as you move through the design process, your process for creating a more intentional solution will improve.

Author: Weston Karnes

Collect by: uxfree.com