A Designer’s Guide to Working with Product Managers

Effective ways to plan and ship a great user experience.

Product Managers + Designers

Most organizations are structured in a way that designers work closely with Product Managers (PMs). They have an enormous say on how elements in a product function. They have the power to VETO a design decision or take a call on how a particular user-flow for a product is crafted. They are also completely involved in business needs and think about how the product has to be shaped to meet the above-mentioned needs. They think about how users interact with the product and analyze if the product meets the need of the intended target users. They help engineers prioritize the list of tasks that needs to be built. They are decision makers. They help build the roadmap and maintain/define the vision of the product.

These are a whole lot of responsibilities for one role, ain’t it?

In short, they are superstars who work in very high-pressure environments. At any given point, there’s always more on their plates than they can handle.

Designers need to work in tandem with the goals of a PM because at the end of the day, both these stakeholders have the same vision.

Author: Adhithya

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