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Lessons and opportunities lying ahead of the current systems.

The constant tension between focus on one’s world vs the need to be informed (or notified).

The two worlds

Look at the above picture — to the left is the user’s world: a world where the person’s kids, family, hobbies, work and other things reside. The user’s interaction with this world is the “typical experience” of a human being. This world is accessed both with and without a digital device like a smartphone. People feel a need to be focused and connected with this inner world.

On the other side, there is a world outside of the user’s: a world where other people are sharing their stories, opinions and news among other things. This outside world is accessed both through intrinsic and extrinsic triggers, almost always through a digital device like a smartphone. People strive to be informed of (and even addicted to) the happenings in this outside world.

Our current notification systems fail to alleviate the constant tension between the need to be focused and the need to be informed; leading to an ever-distracted mind.

Author: Shankar

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