7 steps to achieving flow in UX design – UX Collective

I checked the time about 3 times today. First at 12:31pm to see how long the Monday meeting would last, the second time around 4:43pm (realizing that I normally take my break a lot earlier but I wanted to keep working), and the end of the day at 5:20pm. By then I compiled a bunch of sketches, got valuable feedback, completed both the low and high fidelity design, all of which was ready to be tested.

Ironically, I was told at the end of the day that the task got deprioritized and there it goes again — to the Backlog. I’ve learned early in my career as a User Experience Designer that not all of your designs live on and that’s okay (I have even created a folder for ‘failed’ designs during my first week!). Fail fast, fail early -right?

The process of diving deeper to really understand a user’s pain, thinking of solutions for what would make actions easier for our users and why -was ultimately very rewarding to me. Today, I caught myself in a state of Flow.

Author: Elaine Tran

Collect by: uxfree.com