7 Rules Driving the Psychology Behind Great Product Design

By Alex Obenauer

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Imagine you are running. Maybe it’s your morning jog, or maybe you’re preparing for a marathon.

You can feel the ground beneath your shoes with every step. You can feel the air as you breathe. You might be in pain, but you don’t notice it. You are no longer motivated by arriving at some destination or goal — the end of the trail, or completing 5 miles — rather, the activity itself has become its own motivation. The worries and frustrations of every day life seem to slip away. You don’t notice how much time passes. You’re incredibly happy or peaceful during this experience, but you don’t even notice that. It’s just you, the path, and finding your limits. You’re “in the zone”.

We’ve all experienced being “in the zone,” and maybe it wasn’t while you were running, maybe it was a work on something you really enjoy. You were 10x happier, and 10x more productive than normal. You didn’t even notice that hours passed.

Author: Alexander Obenauer

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