7 Lessons That Fairy Tales Teach Us About User Experience (UX) Design

By Steve McCarthy

Robert McKee once wrote that “stories are the currency of human contact.” Stories are our way of making sense of the world around us. The greater we make sense of our surroundings the greater chance we have of survival, and the knowledge we gain becomes the value exchange we make when we tell stories. Each story shared is a lesson learned about our world.

Today, our personal narratives play out in a hybrid world of the digital and the physical. We now move so seamlessly between the two that we often forget that the former is still in its infancy. We easily forget that things in the digital world don’t always conform to the laws of the physical world, and this can be frustrating.

The popularity and durability of fairy tales is due in part to their simplicity: they look to teach a singular lesson about the physical world we live in. But these learnings are just as applicable to the digital world as they are the physical, as I explore below…

Author: Steve McCarthy

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