4 things I learned about UX as a designer at LEGO – UX Collective

Photo by Reiterlied (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Working at LEGO as a senior visual designer was an exciting experience. I stayed in LEGO (and yes, you should always write it in all caps) for 2 years. a journey full of achievements, challenges, and learnings. my decision to leave (earlier this year) was not an easy one at all. not that everything was rainbows and butterflies made of colorful glittery LEGO bricks, but LEGO is a unique place in many ways.

I was reflecting on my journey and what I learned during my time at LEGO. and maybe not all of these reflections is something I was aware of while I was there busy working and settling in Denmark (LEGO is a Danish company, in case you didn’t know). Sometimes we only see things more clearly from distance.

Here are four UX related reflections that I believe they are worth sharing with fellow designers:

Author: Ahmed H. Aly

Collect by: uxfree.com