32 Clean Minimalist Personal Websites for Creatives

Modern minimalism is vastly overrated for the value it adds to a website. When content is centered as the main priority users are free from excess distractions. Granted not everyone likes minimalism because it can be seen as lazy, simplistic, or just boring. But this is not the case!

The best minimalist websites are anything but boring. In this gallery I’ve put together a series of minimalist layouts for personal creatives like writers, designers, and performers. Minimalism is a powerful tool when used appropriately. Graphics and photos have their place but not always higher than content. Take a peek at these examples and see if you can draw any ideas for your own creative work.

Drew Wilson

Ignacio Macri

Mig Reyes

Justin Aguilar

Anais Zamboni

Justin Mezzell

Ben Ashman

Julien Milles

Darrin Higgins

Karl Anders

Alexander Munk

Andrew Colin Beck

Isaac Orloff

Jamie Gregory

Arne Meister

Weston Vierregger

Alex Tass

Andrew Lucas

James Lutley

Paul Robert Lloyd

Colin Tierney

Ryan Hamrick

Bob Flynn

Anthony Kolber

Robert Iza

Miguel Ferreira

Christopher Doyle & Co.

David Hutton

Sam Dallyn

Rob Wootten

Aaron Shapiro

Josh Warren

Author: Jake Rocheleau

Collect by: uxfree.com