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The Birds + Bees collection is full of essential editing tools designed to allow for easy enhancements of colors, clarity, and creativity. These actions are designed for Photoshop CS3 and up.
This collection includes tools to create rich contrast and beautiful color in your photographs. Using actions from the Birds + Bees collection you will be able to effortlessly bring your images to life with color and contrast boosts, shadow lightening, eye and skin enhancements, unmatched clarity, along with a full set of creative artistic finishes.
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Create soft creamy skin and add color to pale skin or reduce skin redness with some of our FABULOUS FEATURES actions. Correct white balance, add beautiful rich contrast, and finish your images with some creative beautiful artistic actions.

Every action is fully customizable through the use of layer masks and adjustment layers allowing you to create your own unique effects and finishes.


These actions are designed to work together. I personally love to use the Hummingbird and Birds + Bees actions together. Keep playing and be sure to share your edits on our Facebook page!


Radiantly Rich – Improves color, contrast, sharpness and richness of the image.
Cooling Effects – Adds a blue cool tone to an image to correct white balance.
Warm it Up – Adds warm tones to an image to correct white balance.
Reduce Red Skin – Reduces the appearance of redness in the skin.
Healthy Glow – Adds a natural looking tan to pasty skin.
Burst of Color – Improves color saturation.
Tone it Down – Selectively reduces the intensity of colors within the image.


Burst of Light – Brightens a dark image.
Softbox Fill Light – Adds light to shadows and reduces the contrast.
Darken – Darkens a bright image.
Dodge + Burn – Allows you to easily lighten or darken specific areas of your image.
Lasting Contrast – Adds a boost of contrast to your image.
Intense Depth – Adds a high intensity clarity to your image. Ideal for textures and props.
Crystal Clear – A softer clarity perfect for eyes, nostrils and other features.
Noise Be-Gone – Reduces noise in an image while maintaining clarity.
Vignette (Light + Dark) – Adds a light or dark vignette to your image.


Smooth + Creamy Skin – Creates soft and smooth skin. Helpful for reducing dark circles, blemishes and wrinkles.
Ocean Blue Eyes – Enhances the color of blue eyes.
Heavenly Hazel Eyes – Enhances the color of hazel eyes.
Twinkle – Sharpens and brightens the iris of the eye.
Hint of Pink – Adds a soft pink tone to lips + cheeks.
Whiten – Whitens teeth and the whites of the eye.


Birds + Bees – Adds a beautiful warm, airy, and slightly hazy tone to your image.
Hummingbird – Adds a creamy warm and airy tone to your image.
London Fog – Adds a foggy feel to your image. Perfect for muting backings allowing subject to stand out.
Radiant Rainbow – A fun action that adds a beautiful color treatment to your image.
Lasting Impression – Adds rich contrast that enhances blues and purples in your image.
Airy Breeze – Adds a bright airy feel to your image.
Autumn Rain – A fun mix of cool and warm enhancing the yellows in your image.

Pure + Simple – Creates a beautiful customizable black + white image.

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