30 Open Source HTML/CSS Projects from CodePen

I have always been a supporter of CodePen ever since I found the website. It is an online HTML/CSS/JS code editor where you can build ideas and test them in real-time. Developers can also share their pens with others all around the world! It is a great web application which allows frontend developers to practice their skills from any computer with Internet access.

I’ve gone through the latest pens and gathered 30 of the best code samples. Projects which are free to duplicate will have an open source license on the codes. Ideally these can save you time and stress when attempting to build more convoluted interfaces. Granted you may not find a use for all of these concepts. But it is worth skimming the collection just to see what is out there and what is possible when building with CodePen’s IDE.

Flat Navigation Menu

Switch Inputs

Progress Meter

Pure CSS City Sunset

Intro Animation

Flip Menu Gallery

Animated Bubbles

Flat Navigation Tabs

Parallax Keyframes

Fixed Sticky Menu

Fullscreen Background Image

Mini Toggle Nav

Path-Style Flyout Menu

iOS-Style Definition List

Big Pressable Button

Flat Responsive Form Inputs

Self-Numbered Lists

CSS3 Knob Animation

iOS Sliding Navigation

Dynamic Color Palettes

Pure CSS Breadcrumbs

Basic Image Slider

Custom HTML5 Range Slider

CSS3 Animated FAQ

Circle Image Captions

Multi-Colored 3D Buttons

Simple Buttons

CSS3 Image Captions

Customized Form Inputs

HTML5/CSS3 Dashboard Interface

Author: Jake Rocheleau

Collect by: uxfree.com