30 Amazing Examples of Loading Bar Designs for Your Inspiration

Internet connections are getting faster and faster, but from time to time there are some moments when we need to wait. In this case, creative designers try their best to alleviate the pain of waiting and make truly awesome progress bars (or loading bars).

Loading bars show a user the current progress of downloading or multi-step processes. Time-consuming dull processes of loading may quickly tire a user and make him go away. To avoid this, a designer could create an interesting progress bar and even increase the conversion rates with it.

The feature of all progress bars is in attention to details. Even the tiniest detail can change the whole user experience, and moreover, make people share and recommend your designs. Below you’ll find 30 amazing examples of loading bar designs I put together for your inspiration. Along with examples, you’ll see also some progress bar designs that can be downloaded for free!

Loading by pearlsomani

Flat Loading Bars + Icons FREEBIE by Joe Taylor

Progress Bar for Aviasales app by Mark M

Smart Progress Bar by Shabir Gilkar

Round Loading by Sanja Veljanoska

Just loader by Balazs Szarka

Progress bar by Denis Perepelenko

UI/UX Designs by Katie Schneider

Progress Bar (PSD) by Marijan Petrovski

installin’ (gif) by Jason Perez

Progress Bar Icons by Joshua Sortino

Progress bar by Fabien Dorville

Progress bar by Jekaterina

Progress Bar by Tomasz Zagórski

Loading bar by Patrik Kantor

Progress Bar by Peter Gajdos

Loading Bar by Andra Popovici

Amount of water by Romina Kavcic

In Progress by Jonas Goth

Loading bar (animated) by Howard Moen

Game Loading Screen by Ryan Myers

Deboo loading bar by Sergio Camalich

Progress Graphic by Ledger

Circle progress bar by Michal Kruška

Almost Ready by Karmon French

Progress bar by Sasha Agapov

Cig Loading Bar by khuon nguyen

Map Loading… by Ben Haddock

Loading Status by Nick Mealey

Percentage Bar (PSD) by Miguel Mendes

Author: Nancy Young

Collect by: uxfree.com