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Quick tips for visual design newbies

I’ve noticed a trend after screening dozens of junior designer portfolios. Designers (mostly from bootcamps) were heavily focused on UX and evangelizing the Design Thinking mindset popularized by consultancies like IDEO. What lacked was the ability to breath life into designs, and portfolios fell flat in showcasing visual design fundamentals taught in art school.

As of April 2017, a quick search on Glassdoor reveals that companies are hiring more Product Designers capable of end-to-end design.

I started off my career as a graphic designer and through trial and error, learned the art of layout and composition. Reflecting upon my journey, I’ve come a long way since my first school project:

Even for Kanye…its a bit too powerful

Luckily visual design skills can be learned over time! Here’s one of my recent projects:

Layout and composition matters

Today I’ll share 3 tips to improve your visual design skills.

Author: Jules Cheung

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