26 Free Progress Bar Interface PSDs

A common thread amongst all humans is that we seem to adore pizza, and that we all like the feeling of progress. It feels good to know you’re getting somewhere and it feels even better to see the visual representation of that progress. And so the cherished progress bar interface was born.

From signup pages to eCommerce checkouts these progress indicators share details of our completion with each step. Yet designing your own interface from scratch can be more than a hassle. Much like buying a pre-made frozen pizza, you could also get a delicious pre-made progress bar design. The difference is that all these designs are completely free to download and use for any project. Talk about a real bargain!

Green Stripes

Multi-Colored Bars

Pink Circles

Simple Progress Bar

Shiny Gloss


Green Glossy Bar

Blue Stripes


Blue Circle

Progress Slider


Flat Percentage Bars

OS X Blue

Simple UI

Loading Circle

Status Loader

Thin Blue Stripes

Glowing Sparkles

Skills Progress

Circular Percentage

Orange Loader

Grey Loading Bar

Striped Bars

Shiny Blue

Percentage Bars

Author: Jake Rocheleau

Collect by: uxfree.com