20 Outstanding Business Card Ideas for Your Inspiration

Having a creative outstanding business card is an internal part of branding. With so many business and start-ups appear day by day, it’s really important to stand out from the crowd.

Custom cuts and shapes, spots, matte finishing and using unexpected materials are all playing factors for creating really eye-catching design. For many people their business cards are also a great promotion tool, especially when they’re not attached to any organization. And some of them are truly attention-grabbers. See yourself! Here I collected outstanding business cards that leave an impression!

Transparent business card

Business card for a makeup artist and hair stylist

Business Knife

“Suits you sir” A cardboard, snazzy dresser



Etnik. Branding

Barber’s business card concept

Architect Business Card

Rocksauce Studios Business Cards

Unique Tactile Lace DIY Business Cards

Die Cut Round Tennis Ball Business Card

Creative Laser Cut Business Cards

Advent Ornaments Business Cards

Crafty DIY Stitched Business Cards

Beautiful Letterpress Buisness Cards

Clever Ticket Roll Style Business Cards

Matière Noire Handmade Business Cards

Personal Branding Business Card

Amazing Engraved Metal Business Card

Author: Nancy Young

Collect by: uxfree.com