20 Creative Music Album Cover Designs to Inspire You

Lately music album covers almost lose their importance as less and less people buy CDs, as they download and buy music online. However, even if you downloaded a song from the web, the album cover displays on your music player screen while playing a song.

That’s great, as album cover can be really impressive and convey a message of the whole album in various creative ways. So, here we have collected 20 creative album cover designs. Some of them are really genius and have been released, while the others were created just for fan inspired by music. You’ll see these album covers use illustrations, photography, bold typography and colors to illustrate sounds of music hiding inside a cover.

Get Lucky by Ricky Linn

All Things New by Jonathan Ogden

DOS — Hardpop by Face.

The Moustache Wasn´t There – Cover Art by María Laura Benavente Sovieri and el estudio

Angus MacRae – Awake EP by Adam Flynn

Mitch Gettman by Cody Fenske

Illustration – Blondie Album Cover by Elisabeth Dickinson

BAM&MR.DERO by Simon Lemmerer and Stefan Leitner

CD “Sin Miedo” / “Fearless” CD by Gabriela Corral

Magdalena Album Cover Design by Vincent Sevilla

Caro – Vital Album Art by HSIAO-RON CHENG

Bloomsday Album Artwork by Edwin Servaas

The Fetter Moment by Natalie Diaz

Sølace | For Sale by Declan Murray

Album cover by Vanessa Tabeth Mbialeu

Nocna Luka Brodova by Boris Jovanovic

La Plage // Album cover by Dimitris Kostinis

Rivers & Robots Album Art by Jonathan Ogden

The Fictive Kin Singers by Simon Collison

Modest Mouse Album Cover by Nicole Standard

Author: Nancy Young

Collect by: uxfree.com