20 Amazingly Creative Wedding Invitation Designs

The wedding day is one of the most important days in our lives. Everything has to be perfect: the wedding decorations, the dress, the cake, wedding photos, and of course, wedding invitations. A lot of work is done on wedding preparations.

Wedding invites can be printed or written by hand, in any case, they should carry a personal touch or a couple that is going to get married. In this collection, we have handpicked creative wedding invitation designs that will definitely impress you!

The designers of these invites play around witgh colors, typography, images and get amazing results. So, scroll down, see the wedding invitations and get ideas you can use for your own big day.

1. Teepee Invite

2. Wedding Invitation Design

3. Wedding invitation Design

4. Kai+Tuan wedding invitation card

5. Wedding Invite – Overall

6. Adventure for Two: Wedding Invitations

7. A Paper Record Player

8. Insta Photo Frame wedding invitation set

9. Wedding Save The Date Balloon Cards

10. Wedding Invite – Overall

11. My Wedding Invites

12. Wedding Invite Final 2

13. K+M Wedding Invitations

14. save the date invitation

15. Festive Wedding Suite

16. Love City Life

17. The Rabbit & Monday Misfits

18. Chad & Helen | Wedding Stationery

19. Save The Date invitation

20. Wedding Stationery | Ashley & Edwin

Author: Andrei Tiburca

Collect by: uxfree.com