18 Business Cards from The World’s Most Famous People

Today, we are going to take a look at some business cards from the world’s most famous people. Business cards have been around for a while now. Today, a business card is the classy way of saying “Call me maybe.” Business cards are universally accepted across cultures and countries and they are the reason you might’ve landed a new client or job.
Exchanging business cards can be dated back to the 17th century. Visiting cards or visite biletes were in use in Europe where the footmen of the aristocracy or royalty would present the cards to the servants at the home of a host to announce the impending arrival of a distinguished guest.


Since then, business cards have evolved a lot. There are tons of creative business cards out there. Revolutionary companies like MOO business cards are constantly trying to bring a fresh, new look to the good old business card, and they have come up with some truly creative designs. You can read more about that here. 

Now, the amazing aspect of a business card is its timeless nature. Nowadays, we have the opportunity to be inspired by some of the most famous business cards. Famous people, who might not have been famous when they created their business card, are known to have some awesome, or controversial business cards. (I’m looking at you Mark Zuckerberg)

I rounded up some of the most famous business cards out there, from some of the most influential people. Or just cool people like Sherlock Holmes. ?

Of course, we’ll start with the most famous one out there, the Donald.

1. Donald Trump’s Business Card

2. Hillary Clinton’s Business Card

3. Barack Obama’s Business Card

4. Putin’s Business Card


5. Albert Einstein’s Business Card

6. Houdini’s Business Card

7. Steve Jobs’ Business Card

8. Mark Zuckerberg Business Card

9. Walt Disney’s Business Card

10. Fidel Castro’s Business Card

11. Sherlock Holmes’ Business Card

12. Sherlock Holmes’ Business Card (Robert Downey Jr.)

13. Abraham Lincoln’s Business Card

14. Adolf Hitler’s Business Card

15. Evan Williams’ Business Card

16. Andy Warhol’s Business Card

17. Bill Gates’ Business Card

18. Warren Buffet’s Business Card


Author: Andrei Tiburca

Collect by: uxfree.com