15 Nuggets of Gold for the Emerging Interface Designer

In the final 5 weeks of their 15 week term, students from both of the classes I teach at Humber College (Emerging Design Trends & Advanced Interface Design) are focused on their lengthy final assignments. Each week that passes before their assignment submissions they must meet a critical milestone. Each step, from concept to completion, mirrors the design thinking process and workflow processes that they will experience in the wild after graduating. Within this article I have assembled some extra thoughts for them to chew on as they dig deeper into their work. Some of these reiterate concepts discussed in class and some take those concepts further. Anyone interested in UI/UX will find these resources useful.

Content Is Still King

As with all of the following resources, there are more than a few actionable nuggets of gold in the following article. Beautifully sculpted titles like “Why most A/B tests give you bullshit results” are a critical goal for every content developer. This one stood out for several reasons. Among them, the title promotes a position that appears to be condemning a proven method of identifying performance for design. Reading through, you’ll see that author Justin Megahan is advocating for better execution of a practice that is already industry standard.

“Take the time to construct meaningful A/B tests and you’ll get meaningful results.”

Titles are not just about dodging or aiming for clickbait. They communicate the value of the content within and convey the tone of the article’s voice. Well written titles & headlines reflect strong storytelling, refined content development, and effective SEO. Good content has more value and is more likely to be shared.

Author: Adam Leon

Collect by: uxfree.com