12 Best and Essential WordPress Plugins you should Install

WordPress itself comes with a lot of functionality and features; however, there are times when the core functionality is not enough for a website. One of the best ways to extend the functionality is through adding the plugins.

Plugins are a great way to add any type of feature to your website without messing with the code. It allows non-technical webmasters to customize their websites. However, with more than 50,000 plugins, it is definitely one heck of a job to figure out which plugin to use. Therefore, we have gathered a list of plugins that can help you improve your website in no time.

  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

In order to improve your search engine ranking, you need to optimize your website for search engines. SEO includes adding Meta description, Meta tag, title and much more. This is where WordPress SEO by Yoast comes into play. It allows you to easily add all the important and relevant information to your website.

  1. Jetpack

Jetpack is an excellent WordPress plugin that comes with a wide variety of features. The plugin is basically used to monitor the number of visitors on the website. However, it is also equipped with other features such as

nt WordPress plugin that comes with a wide variety of features. The plugin is basically used to monitor the number of visitors on the website. However, it is also equipped with other features such as number of content tools, enhanced security, related posts, social sharing, spam-free comments and much more.

  1. W3 Total Cache

Caching is one of the most important parts of improved site loading time. In order to speed up the performance and load time of your site, you need to enable caching. It allows you to save the important data on your visitors’ browsers. To make the process simpler, use W3 Total Cache plugin.

  1. iThemes Security

iThemes Security is one of the most popular WordPress plugin that helps you protect your website from hackers and spammers. A majority of webmasters are usually unaware of the loopholes in their websites and thus make their sites vulnerable to hacks. Installing iThemes Security helps you fill up all the holes and makes your website secure and protected.

  1. Login Lockdown

WordPress wp-admin is the most common and vulnerable entry point for hackers. A person can try to login into your website through wp-admin with unlimited login attempts. However, using Login Lockdown WordPress plugin, you can limit the number of login attempts. This way you can protect your login area by locking it down.

  1. Duplicator

Internet is a wild world where you can promote your business without spending a fortune. However, it is also extremely vulnerable to threats and hacking attacks. This is why you should backup your website every once in a while in case something wrong happens with your site. Instead of manually backing your website up, you can use Duplicator WordPress plugin and save yourself from all the pain.

  1. Floating Social Bar

Social media sites play an important role in driving traffic to a website today since 90% of web users are using such platforms to communicate and share. A majority of websites have realized the significance of promoting their websites on social media. However, instead of sharing each new post, product or services on different platforms, you can simply integrate Floating Social Bar to your website and connect with your followers easily.

  1. Optinmonster

Optinmonster is a great premium WordPress plugin that increases generation lead for a website. You can create interactive pop-ups and forms for your site and convert visitors into subscribers. Additional features include exit intent technology, split testing, analytics, page-level targeting and much more.

  1. Akismet

Akismet is an anti-spam plugin that helps you keep spam comments at bay. It filters out all the spam comments from your website. In addition, Akismet is a free plugin and can be used without even spending a penny. It also offers a premium service with additional features and can be availed at as low as $9 per month.

  1. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is the most developer friendly contact form plugin that lets you create user-friendly forms. It can manage various contact forms as well as allows you to customize them according to your preferences and requirements. All you have to do is copy and paste a short code where you want to add the form. Contact Form 7 is also enabled with akismet spam filtering features, CAPTCHA, and Ajax-powered submitting.

  1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an amazing plugin to monitor your website. It enables you to track the number of visitors, social media traffic, location and behavior of the traffic and much more. You can see the whole stats in your website dashboard without logging into your Google Analytics account.

  1. Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps, as the name suggests, helps you generate XML sitemaps for your website. Sitemaps are important for your website to help search engines index your website better. They also help search engine crawlers to understand the structure and show the relevant results.

Author: EmmaWatson

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