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How I taught myself to create 50 pieces of animation in 100 days

It was a summer night in Seattle. I ate some ice-cream, watched a Youtube tutorial, and downloaded a free trial of Principle. Several months later, I completed my 5th 100-day-project — 100 Days of Motion.

I started my first 100-day-project back in 2015. My past projects include 100 Days of Doodle, 100 Days of Lettering, 100 Days of Watercolor, and 100 Days of Vector Illustration.

My Past 100-Day-Projects

For me, 100-day-project is a creative outlet. It allows me to express myself through art. The joy of creation and the challenge of learning a new craft always keeps me coming back for more.

In 100 Days of Motion Design, I taught myself to animate and created 50 pieces of vector-based animation in 100 days. You can find all of them on Instagram and Dribbble.

Here is my creative process, the tools I used, and a reflection on the project.

Author: Tiantian Xu

Collect by: uxfree.com